Sinus Problem No Problem – E Cigarette Base

“You wake up in the morning and you can breathe. Sinus trouble is a whole lot less. The cigarette cough goes away,” said Chris Bellew, a pack and a half-a-day smoker for 41 years.

The aim of the guidance will be to look at the implications of using such things nicotine replacement products long term and how stop smoking services might play a part in delivering them to smokers. All of which is based on the perfectly sound, scientific premise that nicotine itself, while addictive, does not actually cause cancer and that it can help people in the long-term wean themselves off tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes release water vapor and produce no second hand smoke. However, they are not FDA approved and there is very little research to show how healthy they are.

“The base is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Those are the two main liquids,” Ron said.

Dr. Michael Spandorfer is a pulmonary physician with Roper St. Francis Medical Systems.

“Those chemicals are relatively inert. They are a slightly fatty type of material which once inhaled can induce some lung disease,” said Dr. Spandorfer.

Still, Dr. Spandorfer says there are far less chemicals in e-cigs than there are in tobacco cigarettes.

“There are more than a thousand other chemicals in a tobacco cigarette than one would find in an electronic cigarette.”

While there are fewer unknown chemicals, electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine.

“It is a drug and they do have side effects,” said Dr. Spandorfer.

Nonetheless, smokers who have switched to vapor cigs say they feel healthier.

with an e-cigarette, that fix is provided via inhaled, atomized, nicotine-infused water vapor instead of smoke. If you’re addicted to nicotine and an e-cigarette smoker, not using an e-cig for a period of time results in the same withdrawal symptoms as not smoking a cigarette.

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